Easy Ways to Update Your Workwear

There’s nothing better than replacing tired, worn out clothes with a fresh new look. And getting a new and improved workwear wardrobe feels just as good as an overhaul of your weekend clothes. We all know that updating our clothes can instil a greater sense of confidence and a renewed feeling of success – something we all wish to encompass in our work lives as well as our leisure time. It is all too easy to get used to wearing sloppy, faded items to work that we forget how sharp we can look, and what impact this has on our self esteem. And yet all it takes is a few simple steps to get us looking and feeling great again.

Go the easy route

The most simplest option is just to replace all of your current workwear with new items. This will give your staff and your business that satisfying feeling you get with a new wardrobe, but with no changes necessary. This is the most cost effective method with the least effort that will still get you good results. Customers will notice how smart your team are once they are all kitted out with new clothes, and you may find that your staff respect their workwear that little more. However, to receive the full benefit of a workwear makeover, read our next simple suggestions for further ideas.

It’s all about style

Be sure that your company keeps up with the current trends to keep your staff happy and maintaining a modern feel to your business. You want your organisation to be on the leading edge of the market, so make sure the way your workers are dressed reflects that. For instance, you may find that simply replacing jumpers with hoodies, or polo shirts with T-shirts is enough to bring your workforce up to speed in the clothing arena. Alternatively, you may think that your business has changed its direction slightly, and that investing in shirts and suits is more suitable now that your business has matured.

Consider your colours

You may think that your current range of workwear basics is spot on for your company. And that is fair enough – why fix it if it ain’t broke, as they say! But there is no harm in mixing things up a bit to keep your image looking fresh and catching the attention it deserves. As subtle as it can sometimes be, trends in colour schemes come and go – you only have to look around you to see that plain pastel shades may be in this year, but next year it will be all about the stripes. Now, we are not saying that you need to go ahead and completely revamp your business’ colour scheme. But it is certainly worth considering how an alternative colour could benefit you and your team. It could be as simple as reversing the current colour scheme you have, for instance red yellow to yellow on red. If you do decide this is the choice for you, then don’t forget what impact this may have on your logo – you still want that to be the main focus of people’s attention, so you need it to stand out.

Don’t forget the importance of logos

You may think that having your logo on the left breast of a T-shirt is all that you need. But think again. Applying your logo to other areas on the workwear uniform, such as the arm or back of a shirt, or on the trousers significantly increases brand visibility. Or for that extra personal touch to show your staff how much you value them, you could add their name onto their garments. This is also useful for those who work with the public, as customers can then refer to them by name, making public relations a better experience for both sides. Additionally, if your business is a member or accredited with a national organisation, this can be added to the workwear item too, this will inform people that you are a company to be relied upon.

So, give us a call or browse our extensive collection to find the styles and colours you need to make a positive impact on your staff and your business today.