How to get mud stains out of clothing

Getting mud on your clothes – especially whites – can be a real annoyance. If dealt with incorrectly you could be left with an unsightly, permanent stain. Read the tips below to find out how to get even the most dried on mud stain to vanish without a trace.

  • Contrary to the advice with other stains, let the mud dry before you attempt to tackle it. In fact, don’t even touch it. If you try to wipe it off when it is wet, you are likely to work it deeper into the fabric.
  • When the mud is dry, carefully lift and scrape off the excess with a non-serrated knife.
  • Once the worst is off, grab a nail brush or old toothbrush and brush over the area with a gentle circular motion to loosen the grains of dirt.
  • After you have removed as much as you can with the brush, dab a few drops of liquid dish detergent onto the stain, and use your fingers to rub it in.
  • Then add a few drops of water to the area and rub briskly using a circular motion with the brush on both sides of the garment. For easier scrubbing to remove dirt from awkward spots on the garment, use an old electric toothbrush.
    Repeat as necessary.
  • Throw in the wash as usual then carefully check for any remaining stain. If it is still visible, repeat steps 4-7.

Additional tips: you could also treat the stain with your favourite stain remover, simply by using that in place of the liquid dish detergent. You can also add some white vinegar into the mix for further cleaning powers. Also, wash stained clothes separately from other laundry to avoid spreading the stain. Don’t forget, you should not use a tumble dryer if the stain has not washed out, as this will set the stain, making it virtually impossible to remove.

If you follow these tips before the mud gets well set in, you should have your clothes looking as good as new in a flash! Good luck.