What Does Your Workwear Say About You?

Every item of clothing we wear sends a message. From the rebellious teenager slouching around in ripped jeans to the blushing bride showing off her beautiful white wedding dress, clothing has a purpose. It symbolises our beliefs and values. The same goes with workwear. The style of uniform you choose is critical for getting it across to the masses what it is that your business does, and how you can provide for your customer. We all like to make a statement about ourselves, and at Slant Riggs we are here to help you make the right one.

Say it loud and clear

Before you read our advice below, the best thing to do first is to think about what kind of business you want people to believe you are. Are you traditional and conservative or do you want to create a more modern vibe; are you specialists in what you do or a more general service provider? Think about what it is about you that draws customers in and advertise that with your choice in business attire. Next, choose from the following options which best represents your business.


These simple tops create a very modern, informal look. They are an excellent choice for creating a friendly, relaxed feel. Branded T-shirts give the impression of a business with cohesion and simplicity. They are also useful for events and promotions as they are comfortable and budget friendly.

Polo Shirts

Polos are middle of the range in terms of formality, which means they are ideal for many businesses. The collar gives them that more professional look, but they are practical and easy-wearing meaning they are useful for more hands on industries. Customised polos suggest that you are a professional business who like to look presentable whilst also taking the comfort of your staff seriously.


A button down shirt (especially when long sleeved)offers a much more formal appearance that is well suited to an office environment or management positions. In recent years, work dress codes have become increasingly relaxed, and so a customised shirt really makes a statement about the professional status of your business. As we all know, shirts are the perfect accompaniment to the suit and tie, but can simply be worn with dress trousers or jeans to create a more casual atmosphere. Shirts can symbolise luxury, especially when paired with a waistcoat and discreet branding.


We could list all the types of trousers we offer but that would be dull. We all know that certain trousers pair nicely with certain tops. But again, just think before you buy. People notice a business’ choice of trouser just as much as the tops, and so the decision is just as important and has to be complementary with the rest of the outfit.

So, the main take home message is to choose which suits your business best. The aim of workwear is to give customers an honest portrayal of the type of business you are, as well as providing comfort and practicality to your staff. It doesn’t make sense to blow your budget on expensive shirts when your staff need something non-restrictive and breathable, but do think about the impression you are making as you choose each item. If you have any questions or are having trouble deciding which items would be best, then we are here to help so please don’t hesitate to get in contact.