What To Wear In The Summer?

With the weather getting that little bit warmer, us Brits have got to grab every opportunity we can to make the most of it. And that includes swapping a winter work closet that will stifle you in the heat for more lightweight, breezy options. As we all know, summer brings with it a more casual shift in dress code – but don’t forget to abide by those unspoken work place dress rules. As ever, there is a fine line between appropriate workwear and something a little too casual.

Below we provide you with some tips to keep you looking and feeling cool and professional this summer.

  1. If you work in an office environment which demands a more formal attire, then perhaps just take the simple approach of trading in your long sleeved shirts for short sleeved ones. But don’t be tempted to loosen too many buttons when the heat cranks up.
  2. Simply switching your work sweaters with customised T-shirts or Polo shirts is an easy option for many workplaces. Additionally, some fabrics are more breathable than others, so it is worth checking out the product label before purchasing.
  3. Shorts may be acceptable depending on how relaxed your workplace is. And also how hot it is. For both men and women, shorts worn for work are only OK if they are knee length.
  4. For ladies: skirts and dresses should reach your knees to be considered appropriate for work. And toeless sandals or flip-flops are usually a big no due to health and safety reasons; however some workplaces will allow these during a heat wave. Just be sure to ask your manager before slipping in to cooler footwear.
  5. The final piece of advice is this: if in doubt, don’t wear it. Although you may be dying to wear your new outfit to work, if it doesn’t follow the above rules, save it for the weekend.

For those of you new to our website, we can happily tell you that all of our summer items are designed for the workplace, so you don’t need to worry about that as you browse the collection. However, we do offer a variety of options when it comes to thickness, breathability and other weather dependent factors, so just be sure to read the product descriptions to make the right choice. With all of that in mind, we hope you never have to break a sweat this summer!