Why Have A Logo On Your Workwear?

Do you want your brand to stand out from the crowd?  Do you want your customers to choose you over everybody else?  Of course you do.  So how do you go about that?

Well, scientists claim that it takes only 11 seconds for a person to take a look at something and make a snap decision about whether they like it or not.  We all know the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover”… but yet we all do.  On a daily basis.  First impressions count.  And this is where we can help you.  Many, many people will follow a gut instinct about something without even realising that their decision has been influenced by what they see.  We can all think of an example where we have done something apparently illogical because it ‘felt right’.  So how can we help you and your business utilise this human characteristic to your advantage?

Wear it with pride

In order to make an impact, you need your brand to be represented in the best possible way.  Branded uniforms turn you and your staff into free advertisements.  But when it comes to branded workwear, it is not as simple as slapping your logo onto some clothes.  It requires professionalism.  Fabric is an entirely different medium to the digital world of websites and mobile phone apps.  It may be that your logo design requires a few alterations in order to be best presented on clothing.  It may be that your logo design might work best on a particular style of garment; or that a particular garment appeals to your target audience more.  The devil is in the detail, and it is all these little considerations that make us good at what we do.  The last thing you want is for people to take one (11 second) look at your design on a top and think “oh dear, that logo completely clashes with that t-shirt”; or worse still – for people to not even be able to recognise your brand because the logo has become obscured by the fabric.

The key is that when it works, people might not even realise they have made a positive snap judgement of your brand.  The positive associations of your brand with quality garments and visually appealing design will creep into their subconscious.  The more positive the viewer experience of your brand, the more likely they will be to recollect your brand when considering purchasing options.

Bespoke is best

The only way to make sure you have the best representation of your brand possible is to ensure that your logo is portrayed with striking clarity, no matter which garment you choose.  As a family-run business, we take the time to talk things through with you from start to finish.  With an in-depth knowledge of different materials and mediums, combined with over 25 years experience in logo printing and embroidery, we can offer you the best solutions to ensure that your brand makes an impact on every workwear item.  We will offer advice and send you example swatches until you are 100% happy with the end product.  You can contact us at any time, and you are welcome to take a look around our factory to see examples of our work.

Due to our wide business connections, we can source any garment you require – from professional business attire, to catering uniform to PPE.  If you already have your chosen garments, we can help you decide which method and design would be best to brand those with. Alternatively, we can overlay an existing logo to replace an old design.  We utilise the latest technology in printing and embroidery to ensure a smooth process with cutting edge results.  Clarity is the key.

We pride ourselves on our personalised service, as this ensures your brand gets the recognition it deserves.  Equally, we find that regular communication with our customers avoids potential hitches that may slow production; so you end up with a quality product with a very fast turn-around.  All for an extremely competitive price.